Do you love bully breeds? Interested in being part of this revolution to dispel myths and promote positive truth about these dogs, while getting a little extra attention for your event or product? Stella and Cookie are model Pitizens and would love to help you, help us!

Stella, Cookie and/or Walle can join you at your next event, whether it’s a party, fundraiser, festival, school, hospital, work function, store, launch party, or any occasion where their presence can make a pawsitive impact. We’re open to partnerships for product sharing, reviews, and more.

EVENTS – Parties, fundraisers, festivals, etc.
SPEAKING – Schools, hospitals, work functions, etc.
SPOKESDOG – Stores, launch parties, etc…
PRODUCT – Sharing on social, in person reviews, etc.

Meet Cookie

Cookie is the epitome of sweetness, and her mission is to spread happiness and sunshine wherever she goes. She’s on a mission to show everyone just how wonderful the bully breed can be. Cookie’s journey began when she was one of 14 siblings in an accidental litter, who found themselves in a shelter. Now, she’s here to steal hearts and make a difference!

Cookie adores events, people, furry friends, and even the little ones. With her infectious joy and loving spirit, she’s the perfect ambassador for her breed. If you’re looking for a furry friend to brighten your day and show you the beauty of bullies, Cookie is your girl!

Meet Walle

Walle is the life of the party – a goofy, fun-loving boy who never fails to bring a smile to your face. Everyone who crosses his path falls in love with his playful spirit and infectious silliness. He’s a true people-dog and adores making friends with dogs, people of all ages, and even the elderly.

Walle knows how to have a good time while keeping his manners in check – the best of both worlds! Despite starting life as a runt with physical disabilities and ending up in a county shelter, he’s shown incredible resilience and zest for life. Walle has not just thrived; he’s embraced life with open paws and reminds us to cherish every moment. He’s the embodiment of joy!

Meet Stella

If you’re in search of a photogenic, affectionate, and serene companion, look no further than Stella! She’s not just a pup; she’s a superstar! Stella has graced the screens of TV shows, taken over the airwaves on radio stations, walked the red carpets, aced interviews on live TV, and been the life of countless events. She’s truly a seasoned pro.

Stella’s sweet nature and her uncanny ability to strike a pose on command make her the ultimate model pup. Her stunning beauty and star quality have been captivating audiences for years. With every appearance, she has a way of melting hearts and leaving a lasting impression. Stella is more than just a dog; she’s a heart-changer.


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