It is a heartwarming tale: a remarkable bond between a woman and her loyal companion changed the very fabric of our world. This is the story of our inspiration, an Incredibull connection that ignited a revolution.

Incredibull Stella:
Our Beacon of Hope

In 2016, Stella’s journey began when she found her forever home through the Fort Wayne Pit Bull Coalition. Little did she know that her paws would leave an indelible mark, shifting perceptions and challenging stereotypes associated with Pitbulls. Stella’s radiant spirit has guided hundreds of dogs to their loving homes through IncredibullStella rescue. With a devoted online fan base of over 100k on social media, Stella stands tall as a symbol of change, an ambassador for a misunderstood breed. What started as a rescue mission evolved into a movement, a platform where one dog’s compassion paved the way for countless others to find their own second chances, and their own families.

marika meeks

A Legacy of Love and Compassion

Marika Meeks fell in love with Stella the moment she saw her. The adorable Pit Bull puppy had been abandoned in a cold field in winter – but her warm, friendly eyes and boundless affection could melt anyone’s heart.

Even so, Marika wasn’t sure she was ready to adopt a dog. As a busy entrepreneur, wife, and mother of two daughters, Marika’s life was crazy already. She was recovering from Stage 3 breast cancer, and her family was still reeling from her brush with mortality. But Marika couldn’t deny the way Stella made her feel – the pure joy of this sweet-natured dog’s unconditional love – and she knew in her heart what her family needed…

In a leap of faith, the Meekses welcomed Stella into their home, and thanks to this incredible dog, the daily pressures of work, stress, and Marika’s health problems seemed to slip away. As Marika’s cancer receded and her family found renewed vitality, she began sharing Stella’s story with the world.

Stella became an international social media star, helping Marika to spread their heartfelt message and revolutionizing the image of Pit Bulls, demonstrating the benefits of pet ownership, and supporting shelters and other organizations that save animals’ lives.

Sadly, in 2020, Marika left this physical world. While the laughter and camaraderie between the IncrediBull family and Marika now echoes as a cherished memory, the revolution they committed to rolls on. Although all would choose to have her here, they take solace in the fact that Marika’s vision and purpose, IncredibullStella, stands strong. Through this legacy, countless dogs will be bestowed with the gift of love, care, and the chance to find their forever families.


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