Erica Cartwright

With a heart that beats for the Bully breed, it was destined for Marika and Erica to cross paths. Their meeting ignited a partnership fueled by compassion and shared purpose. Erica’s journey with Incredibullstella began as the adoption coordinator, and together with Marika, they embarked on a mission that would change lives. Hundreds of dogs found their way to happiness, and amidst the barks and tail wags, a strong friendship blossomed. Erica, driven by the passions and changes started by Marika, carried on their shared mission even in the face of loss. With Brian, Betsy, Carly, and Caitie by her side, Erica remains committed to the Pitbull revolution – one dog, one story, one transformation at a time. As a proud Pitbull mom herself, she understands the depths of love these dogs have to offer, and she’s determined to share that love with the world.

Meet the IncrediBull Family

We’re not your average pack – we’re a diverse bunch of dog-loving, tail-wagging enthusiasts who make this mission a reality!


Marika’s husband and best friend. He is our financial whiz and motivational mastermind. He might have said “no dogs” initially, but now he’s our biggest cheerleader!


Marika’s younger daughter. She helps coordinate the events, assists on social media, and is member of our board. She’s got her mom’s passion and creativity flowing in her veins.


Marika’s oldest daughter. She is our namer of dogs and the bringer of smiles, even from afar. Her contributions are like little bursts of sunshine and her love of dogs is a mirror image of her mom’s!


The powerhouse of support and positivity, with a heart as big as the dog park. She’s not only a board member but also the proud parent of Walle, one of Marika’s beloved pups


Dustin is a devoted partner who handles computer tasks, cares for the dogs daily, and tackles challenges to improve their lives. His love and dedication make a significant, albeit often unseen, contribution to our rescue’s journey alongside Erica


A Pit Bull mom with a camera and mind for strategy, she joined the board to further the cause, sharpen our focus, and use her artistic skills to bolster our voice.


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