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Why Spay & Neuter? This week, two pit bull puppies were left in a box outside a gym. Thankfully, the folks that found these pups made sure they got to a safe place.  They happened to fall into good hands, but let's be honest, they could have just as easily fallen into the wrong hands.  Spay & Neutering as many pets as possible will help with this problem!

Why Are Puppies Dumped?

The simple reason is there are way too many dogs and cats.  If your pet isn't spayed or neutered you can very easily be adding to the over population issue – and when this happens these animals suffer.  Pit bulls can have large litters, sometimes 10-12 puppies, that is a lot.  It is also a lot of puppies to try to find homes for, and maybe all but two get adopted and these poor souls get dumped like garbage.

How Do We Stop Dogs From Suffering?

There is very little justification for breeding a dog. We simply don't need more dogs. Our shelters are full of homeless dogs that suffer everyday.  Some people want a particular breed of dog and therefore can justify breeding or buying from a breeder.  I understand that, and everyone should be able to adopt the dog that is right for them.  However, there are breed specific rescue organizations and many breeder dogs that end up at the shelter too.  If you want an Airedale for example, please check the shelter and google “Airedale Rescue” you maybe surprised at how many Airedales need a home in your area.

The biggest intervention is, of course, making sure as many animals as possible are spayed or neutered.  The only way you can guarantee that a future pup is not going to end up at the shelter is by making sure your current dogs/cats can't reproduce.

What To Do If You Can't Afford To Spay & Neuter

Veterinarian visits can be expensive and maybe you want to get your pet fixed but can't afford it.  Thankfully, there are many animal welfare agencies that will help connect you with the most cost effective way to spay or neuter your pet!  Google “low cost spay & neuter” and you will find a bunch of resources near you.  Spaying your dog is cheap in comparison to the cost of raising a litter of puppies!  Rescue agencies know that if they underwrite spay and neuter programs… it saves money in the long term because they end up with fewer unwanted dogs and cats in their facilities.

Don't Put Pets On Craiglist

There are so many animals for sale or free on Craigslist.  Often people write, “Free to a good home”, thinking it'll increase the likelihood of someone taking their pet… and they may be right.  Sadly, a lot of these “free” pets end up in tragic situations. Whether it's being used as a bait dog, or being made to fight these dogs face a sad end. Pit Bulls in particular are targeted, and some people are so anti-pit bull that they pick up these “free” dogs and take them right to a kill shelter.  If you truly need to re-home your pet, please check with reputable rescues or call animal care and control for suggestions.  If you have a particular challenge with your pet, perhaps you lost your job and now can't afford their food – look up to see what resources are available, such as a pet food bank.


We Raise Money To Support Spay & Neuter Initiatives

Did you know that Stella has a coloring book for sale on Amazon?  Yep! She sure does.  The IncredibullStella Coloring Book & Story is a great gift for a dog loving friend.  It features playful images of Stella based off her Instagram photos.  Want to help end the suffering? Buy a book! We donate the net proceeds of this book to underwrite spay and neuter initiatives!  Check it out here!


Why We Do What We Do

Did you know Stella and her sister were dumped in a field?  I'm sure for all dogs, the experience of ending up at a shelter, is a scary one.  While, we are so grateful to have Stella, we want to stop unnecessary suffering that is the day to day reality for so many dogs.

The worst fate a dog could have is not having a family of their own to love and protect.

Want to learn more about Stella's Story and how we found each other – Click Here!

Special thanks to www.lovepupfoundation.org for taking in these sweet pups and allowing us to foster them! Support LovePup by donating today!




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