Adopt Don't Shop A Reality TV Show

Join Us As We Help People Adopt

Join Us As We Help People Adopt

Marika and Brian, along with their social media famous dog Stella - take to the road helping families adopt the perfect dog. After meeting the family and narrowing down dogs that could be a good match, the family decides which rescue dog is the perfect fur-ever fit for them.

Adopt Don't Shop RV
Brian, Marika and Stella
Our Story

Our Story

After Marika almost died from stage 3 cancer, she and her husband Brian realized how short life really is.

But life wasn't easy and emotional scars made it hard for the family to reconnect.

They adopted a dog called Stella who helped pull their family back together. 

As they rescued Stella, she actually rescued them all.

Come With Us

Come With Us

Now, with a clean bill of health, and a mission in life, the couple is making this second chance count by returning the favor and giving homeless dogs a second chance, too. Travel with Brian and Marika in their RV on an emotional and heartwarming journey as they help families navigate finding the perfect rescue dog for them.

IncrediBullStella Crew
Marika & Stella
Marika Meeks + Incredibull Stella
How It Works

How It Works

Travel with Brian and Marika in their RV on an emotional and heartwarming journey as they help families navigate finding the perfect rescue dog. Working as a team, the couple travels from city to city helping families who want to adopt, not shop, for their next dog but need some help finding a good match.

With thousands of rescue dogs available in every city, it can be a daunting process to find the right match.  The couple set about finding three dogs that seem like a good fit for the family, by working with and spotlighting different local rescues.

Brian and Marika spend time with each family getting to know them, their lifestyle and living arrangements and by doing so can work directly with rescue groups to find good candidates.  The family is introduced to each dog and their story shared. At the end of the show the family decides which dog to adopt and the rescue the dog comes from is given a cash donation to help support their work.

Along the way, Brian and Marika get involved in their own rescue efforts with dogs in need that cross their path. Like a 14 week old puppy with a broken leg that the couple recently came across. They picked him up (of course!) and figured out how to get him fixed up and adopted.


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The Three Step Process

The Three Step Process



With hundreds of thousands of homeless dogs in each city, we pick a city and go.



We get to know a family seeking to adopt and help them meet suitable dogs.



The dogs and families decide together which fit will be fur-ever.

Interested in taking part?


The IncrediBullStella Crew

The IncrediBullStella Crew

Marika & Stella

Marika Meeks

Survivor / Author / Animal Advocate

Surviving cancer left Marika feeling lost, and suffering from anxiety and depression - until she adopted Stella.  The dog that had been dumped in a field suddenly changed the family’s life and set them on a course they could have never imagined.

Determined to live her best post-cancer life, Marika walked away from being a lifelong entrepreneur and now dedicates all her time to helping dogs and people in need.

Marika and Stella reach a world wide audience and, although their story always involves dogs, she says her channel isn’t about dogs, but rather the dogs are a conduit to bring people hope.

She would like nothing more than for other families to enjoy the special bond that her family has with Stella.

Stella was dumped like garbage in a field, picked up as a stray, and sent to a shelter.  Being a pit bull mix, the odds were against her getting out of the shelter alive.

Fortunately, Stella and Marika found each other, and little did they know how they would ultimately rescue one another.

Stella’s social media accounts launched at the beginning of 2017 and just two years later, she has amassed more than 60,000 followers and been featured on The Dodo, Animal Planet, DogTV and more.

Over the past year alone, the pair has chalked up more than 25 million collective video views. www.incredibullstella.com/thedodo

Additionally, Stella was awarded the prestigious 2018 Pet Hero Award from the Arizona Pet Project.



Social Media Star

Marika Meeks + Incredibull Stella

Brian Meeks

The Reluctant Convert

Brian had one request when he and Marika got married and that was that the couple would not have pets. After watching his wife fight for her life and seeing her desire to adopt a dog, Brian agreed to adopt Stella.

Brian has witnessed first-hand not only how his own family has changed for the better as result of adopting a rescue dog, but how Stella’s audience is impacted by the couple’s rescue work.

Realizing the power that pets have to help us all live happier, healthier and longer lives, Brian now participates in rescue efforts and the matchmaking his wife does to help other families find their new best friend.

Erica's life long love of dogs has brought many through her home and even though she has helped lots of dogs find their own loving fur-ever homes, Erica and husband Dustin have 8 rescue dogs of their own.

Never one to turn a blind eye to an animal in need, Erica makes herself available to field adoption requests and works with families to reach out for help with adopting their new best friend.


Erica Cartwright

Placement Coordinator


Betsy Olson

Rescue Coordinator

Betsy has always loved dogs and is always ready to hit the road to help with the next rescue mission.

Betsy's experience and love of dogs makes her a very valuable part of the IncrediBullStella Crew. She is our unofficial triage nurse to patch up dogs on the go.

Betsy has two Chow Chow dogs, Archie and Gio.


Coleen isn't just an animal lover, her family owned a zoo growing up, no not a petting zoo a regular good old fashion zoo.

Coleen has three geriatric dogs, Petey Girl, Petey Boy and Stanley.  Coleen recently lost her dog Stephe a military dog that spent 6 years in Afghanistan.

She is always down for a road trip rescue and loves to take in mama dogs.

Marika Meeks + Incredibull Stella

Coleen McDowell

Support Coordinator