A Tribute to Lucy Pups in New Homes

Help Us Cover Lucy's Cremation:

A Tribute to Lucy

A Tribute to Lucy

A tribute to Lucy and the journey that we all took with her.

We did everything we could for Lucy, in the end it was clear she was ready to say goodbye.

Peri has now lost her second pup in just a few months. Her last dog Gladys was a hurricane Katrina survivor and with Peri's love and devotion she was lived to age 14.

Peri has no dog now, but instead had been left with a pile of medical bills. Brian and I know that we can't take away Peri's heartbreak, but we will do everything we can to cover Lucy's expenses, including covering for Lucy to be cremated.

If you'd like to honor Lucy and help us, you can donate by clicking the donate button or donating via the donation box below.

Rest easy sweet Lucy, we know you are running after Cheetos and Pumpkin Pies and that Ellie and Gladys we're waiting for you. ????????❤️

Special thanks to Betsy Olson for all her time and devotion to ensure that Lucy had a safe delivery, to the best of our abilities anyway. You are an awesome midwife partner.

Help Us Cover Lucy's Cremation:

Lucy & Pups

Lucy & Pups

Meet Lucy & Her Pups aka The Potato Family.

Lucy came into our lives at the beginning of November when her owner took her to the vet to be euthanized because they no longer wanted her or her puppies.

Thankfully the vet refused and we stepped in at the last minute to save her and give her a foster home where she could have her pups in safety and comfort.

The birth of Lucy's puppies was hard and after a dramatic start and a frantic car journey to the vet (which finally resulted in an emergency C Section) Lucy had a total of 9 puppies but sadly only 3 survived.

Obviously caring for so many puppies is expensive and we have been so grateful to everyone for your help so far.

If you would still like to help then you can either make a secure donation using the form below or purchase an item from our Amazon Wish List.

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